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Now is not the time to seek out the lowest common denominator of a pseudo collective. It is time to reach deep and pull out the best of each of us - together!  


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In 2020 the stellium of planets lined up in Capricorn, and our world has not been the same since.  This marked the ending and beginning of many cycles that stretched thousands of years, 800 years and 20 years.  Astrologers had been predicting a big year but for most of us 2020 was little short of catastrophic.  

Then, 2021 gave us Uranus square Saturn all year and as we draw to the end of 2022 we continue to be rather stunned by world events associated with the Saturn/Uranus cycle.  

The Collective power plays taking place are forcing all of us to take stock and reach in deep.  Now is not the time to bow to the lowest common denominator, no matter how aggressive the demands are upon us to do so

Astrology has been helping many more people through these times and it can help you too.   What we have taken for granted for most of our lives is now proving to be unreliable at best, and sometimes portrayed as a sinister veil of deceit that has spread so far in every direction the stress, collectively and individually, has proved terminal for many. 

Maybe it is time for each of us to find our Truth and live it.  

If Astrology is of interest to you then you can start by purchasing your Astrology Chart, or click here to  book an Astrological Counselling Session.  

If you have been working with Astrology for a while and just feel the need to ask a couple of questions you might like our Bite Sized Astrology Q&A product.  

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Mediumship and Healings

Many of you may have received a mediumship reading from me, perhaps through the Mind Body Spirit shows in Sydney and Brisbane Australia.  Mediumship is very much a physical process,  as well as a mental and esoteric process.  I use only water as a conductor for my work in this regard.  One thing I convey to everyone I discuss mediumship with is the heightened clarity and enjoyment that comes from the simplest techniques when applied to Mediumship.  Our physical bodies contain everything we need.  The whole process is about getting out of our own way, and anyone can do this work.  

Charles Tart was a scientist who investigated NDEs and at one point wished to find a scientist who might experience this and relay the process, because real science instructs us to be aware, rather than caught up in the haze.   Before I do readings I have no idea what is going to happen.  Or if anything will happen.  But it always does.  I always ask for proof and I am with my clients on this adventure.  

These are person to person and are not available on Zoom currently.  If you would like to put your name on a waiting list you will be contacted when personal appointments become available, or if we zoom or phone these services in future. I understand how important this service is at present, especially as many are having to face the subject of death and so many are frightened.  If you knew you were eternal how would you express yourself now?  And a question I've been asking myself lately:  How can anyone enslave you when you can be just as dangerous to them dead or alive?  I've found all those on the other side to be basically inquisitive and at peace, and usually seeking to assist us here.  


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Subscribe to receive Regular Astrological weather reports.  This is a free service.  Find out about the current aspects taking place collectively each week so you can plot these against your own charts, or simply begin to understand the cycles and manifestations of the seasons.  



Counselling Confidence

  1. Counselling sessions may be booked online.
  2. Astrological counselling sessions utilize counselling therapies as well as providing astrological insight.


The Pentagram reveals the movement of Venus.  Its lines also recognize the sacred geometry of Beauty.  Like the beauty of a rose, but especially the Beauty and Value of every Human Being.
The Scarab gets rid of the 'dung' and transforms it into something very much healthier.  Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

All the Love to each of you, especially during this time of enormous change.  I know some people who see me wearing a pentagram and a scarab wonder about my intentions. Please know that the scarab recycles dung, and the pentagram is Venus' symbol of the Beauty of each of us, and our Universe together.  Despite all the horrors we are confronting this is a time to leave our fears behind and express who we are, as we wake up to the necessity of our individual creativity.   Mena