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The Birth Chart

Every chart starts with Sun / Moon / Rising Sign / Ruling Planet. And even if we stopped right there a whole book could be written about You! Just based on this.


Your Sun is at your core. Your Sun works with your Moon as a Team, but also has its own significant core meaning for you. When we look at your Sun first we note your Sun Sign, which most people know already. We also look to your Leo area of Life to locate some core inspiration for you, which is constantly guiding your heart.


First we look at the phase of the Moon to the Sun. What kind of Moon were you born under? And what does this mean? Are you someone who starts projects from the dark and just gets on with it? Even though you can’t see the light yet? 

Or are you someone who was born under a Moon who has the inclination to fix the creations of others to help them develop these into something exponentially better? 

Comprehending what type of Moon you are can really help you with your relationships, and give you insight into your own natural abilities. Already whole books can be written just about Your individual Sun and Moon!

Rising Sign and Ruling Planets

Your Rising Sign is all about how you arrive on this planet in the first place! And this is your starting point. Any planets that transit through your first house will have a direct impact on your perspective about who you are, and how others get a sense of who you are until they know more facets of you. Your Ruling planet is the Ruler of your Rising Sign. The House where your Ruler is situated makes up the ‘Theme’ of Your journey.


Next we want to look at the Elements and Modalities of your Chart. Starting with the Elements. What is the configuration of Elements in your birth chart? Do you have more Fire? Do you run a balance of energies? Fire is inspirational. Preachers need a whole lot of Fire element to ignite the passions in their congregations!


A preponderance of Fixed modalities is illustrated by a Chart that has several planets and key points in either Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. Are you somewhat stubborn in these areas of your life? Maybe your partner’s chart is more Mutable, or changeable, while you are very Fixed. Which Houses are you Fixed? Everyone has all three but overall there is a tendency towards whatever your configuration actually is.

The Pattern, or Configuration

When we talk about the Configuration of your Chart we are talking about looking at the chart without delving into the signs or aspects. Simply looking at the pattern that the placements form, and what hemisphere these placements form the 360 view. 

So if most of your planets are above the horizon then your perspective on life will be based on some key importance in partnerships and public events, and how these affect you. Whereas if your configuration is mostly below the horizon then your perspective may be more introverted. 

There is a lot more to this area but knowing the perspective You have and knowing the perspective of Others, can really help in relationships as well as Self Knowledge. All the above areas could be thought of as what motivates us. What gets us out of bed each morning.

Planetary Placements and Aspects

Our Planetary Placements and Aspects to each other allow us to look into the Chart into more and more of who we are and what events we have drawn to ourselves throughout our lives and why. Through these we can calculate our Individual Cycles.

Standout Significators

For Astrology to be really helpful it has to be wholistic. And sometimes there are key significators or patterns in your chart that point to something very important for you. So when this happens this will also be noted in this Full Reading for you.

What’s happening now – Transits

Next we want to make this all current. The backdrop of your birth chart is ever enduring. But you are Dynamic. You aren’t stagnant. Large World Cycles move through their stages and your own Individual cycles are also situated within these cycles. As above, so below.

Every Cycle has a Stage.

By accessing our aspects the stage of the cycles these aspects are involved with, we can look back, present and forward.

Astrological Prediction

Fate and Free Will come into play now. Astrology ‘fatefully’ predicts the energies that will be present in the different areas of your Life. There is nothing you can do to stop the presence of these energies from entering your Life. However, you can do things like move house to shift them into other areas of your life than would be the case if you stayed put. 

Kabbalistic Astrology reveals spheres of influences where we can choose to change things. But the energies in the Signs cannot be changed by our Will, at least not to my knowledge at this present time. Some people take this to mean that we have no free will based on Astrological findings. 

After many years of studying Astrology I don’t see the logic in this conclusion. It is a bit like saying because I’m short I will never reach the top shelf. But actually all I have to do is grab a step. Or ask someone to help me and make a new friend in the process! So I don’t see the problem here. In fact, as Saturn continues to teach us, there are treasures to be located through limitations! 

 Free Will is what to do with these ‘raw energies’, if I can refer to them in this way. And as you become acquainted with the ‘personalities’ of each energy 

I’m sure you too will notice the many choices that you have at your disposal, and the accountability and consequences of which ever choices You make! 

No-one else can make these choices for you. Even programmed ‘order followers’ make their free will choice to bow to some one else’s desire nature. Mind control, in my humble opinion, can be overcome. And for those of you who already read my articles you’ll know that there is a solution to every challenge! In my opinion.*089B11A8-7400-49F6-9879-7C3FBE43FCE1*jpeg?alt=media&token=56bb8809-e4e3-4a03-8e55-b935407cd0e5

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