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Hypnosis and Counselling

Navigating the Cosmos Astrologically cannot be understated, but sometimes it isn't enough to get through our days.  

None of us behave only from nature, but also due to nurture, and how we perceive our own navigation through social conditioning.  That is, how can we fulfill our basic needs in the environments in which we find ourselves?  Our interaction with our outside world and others in it, and our inside drives, gifts, needs and values is often the cause of so much of our discomfort.  

Yes that's great but doesn't help me right now I hear you rebutting.  
I get it.  
But I hope that it does give you even a tiny gem of insight into the very real fact that there is a solution to every problem under the sun.  Sometimes we just have to close our eyes, then open them fresh. 

How Hypnosis can help

Just like we run very efficient biological functions like breathing, much of the time our behaviours are automated by the patterns we choose along the way.  Patterns can be outgrown.  Patterns can be perfect for one situation, but cause issues in another.  Because patterns are forgotten into our subconscious abyss, to put it way too simply, but nonetheless helpfully,  then by accessing the State that we call the hypnotic state, we can make new choices.    

Counselling without Hypnosis

For more information on counselling you can access my other website counsellingconfidence  There I have listed a few of the therapies and what to expect from a session.  Alternatively, you can click below and schedule a session from this page. 

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