What can your Astrology Chart Tell you?

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Rising Sign: You will usually identify most easily with this sign.  You will even look like a mixture of this sign, your sun sign and the sign of your ruling planet!  Your Body itself is shown in your chart.
Chiron will reveal the subtle pain challenge that seems to be always with you.  The Key of this sigil is helpful.
All the planets and houses work together to reveal your personality and the kinds of events and people you will draw into your life.
Your birthchart aspects will reveal the key events that will repeat for you, as they are triggered by transits throughout your life.

The key transits of your life are illuminated in your chart.

The way you relate to every area of your life is already drawn in your chart.

Your temperament is drawn in your chart.

You can see the past in your chart through looking at your Sun’s Progressions.

And more …

What can you do with this information?

  • Uncover how amazing and talented you are. 
  • Realise deeply how Valuable you are.
  • Realise then, without doubt, how each and every one of us is valuable.
  • When you have this information you will change deeply as you awaken.
  • You will find the truth of who you are and therefore be better able to express it.
  • You can use astrology to help you and your partner communicate better, accommodating both parties.
  • We can all use astrology to help us navigate communications with each other, and move large projects forward together.
  • You can plot the Mundane Chart of the time and place anywhere in the world to comprehend more of what’s happening and how it is affecting you.  
  • You can navigate the hard times better with astrological support and be prepared for opportunities that will arise!
  • You can use Astrology to back away and put a mirror to yourself, safe from first person trauma.
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How do you get started?

1. Obtain your birth chart, progressed chart, and current transit charts, including aspects.  All these are included in the Full Astrology Report.

2. Purchase a full report to establish a solid foundation for comprehending your own chart.

3. Ask as many questions about the report as you can, and read it multiple times. Ask yourself: Does this resonate with me? Do I agree or disagree? Astrology is meant to empower you.   

However, for anyone engaging with this on a sincere level, questions about fate and free will may arise. Currently, more than ever before, this is a crucial question to ask. 

Email your questions or book Zoom time - allowance for follow-up is included in the cost of a Full report.
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