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Want to Experience Cycles On Purpose?

Astrology is also very practical.  It has been used by countless individuals in countless ways.  And you can use it too.  

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These are daily emails.  Some short.  Some longer.  Depending on the Cycles themselves.  

Receive written or recorded navigational support

* Attached recordings you can play at any time, or written emails you can refer to.  The choice is yours.  Both are provided.

* Get used to working with the cycles.

* Whether you are predominantly earth, water, fire or air you can get a handle on the cycles as your projects come to fruition

Do it yourself or commit to on-going exercises

Have you ever discovered that one day you are alert and eager to start, only to find that the very next day you either forgot all about it entirely or it just doesn't feel as important as it did yesterday?  Our cycles can change very quickly, even for those of us who are predominantly Fixed in modalities.  This is all entirely Natural.  But in our world of the last number of years all we've been taught is competitiveness with each other.  When all we really might need to achieve, is to grow as individuals and share our experiences.  By tracking the cycles that are taking place we can be more aware of what is really going on in our lives, and even better, be better equipped to deal with it!  Maybe.  If you want.  

We provide on-going project timing and monitor the astrological influences of the current cycles as we go.  So you can dovetail your projects with others who are growing theirs.

What you are achieving may have nothing to do with the projects and adventures in life others are working on, but the timing is always shared across the cycles.  In these emails and recordings we look at what's happening out there collectively that will affect you also.  You might find that after working Astrological cycles in this way you want to take your Astrology to the next stage, which is expanding your own cycles in greater detail so you really take advantage of your unique aspects and placements throughout any cycle you choose to consciously work with. 

A Story

Fate or Free Will?  Want to find out how much Free Will you really have?  

One day a man said:  "I want to fully control my body."  
And he did.  He began by learning all about the key systems that made his body work.  He learned about his digestive system, his respiratory system, all his systems! He was very keen and he did a lot of research! 

After running his own body for about two and a half years he was asked about his experience.

"Well", he said "The first year I nearly killed myself about eight times.  I was really excited to learn so much so quickly at the start and I started to switch things up a bit.  But then I realized, experientially, the hard way, that there were many other criteria I had to address in order to take full control.  But I wanted to push the envelope and I took on the risks!" 

"On day I heard a voice say to me:  Do you really want to take over the control of everything to do with your body Jack? And I responded.  What do you mean?  I seem to be doing a pretty good job so far. "

"Yes, said the voice back to me.  But I had a beautiful partner ready for you last week but she couldn't make her entry because you didn't run that open access program that enabled your transmitters to reach out to her to invite her in." 

"And I said to this voice.  You didn't tell me about that system.  Where is it?" 

"And he said.  But Jack that is just one system of many millions of others my boy.  You've only taken control of about seven!"

"And I thought to myself.  And I did realise as well that I had become quite lonely in my full control of everything.  No matter how much fun it was at times.  So I said to him.  How can I maintain the use of my own Free Will but not miss out on meeting the Love of my Life then?" 

"And he answered.  We could share setting up all the systems Jack.  I've got them everywhere.  And you can jump in and take control at any time in the future.  Just as you have now.  And I will even help you to learn more and more.  As much as you want or as little as you want." 

"So how can I be sure that I have Free Will then?  I asked.  I mean really." 

"Jack.  Do you remember that rainy day when this all started?  Yes I answered.  Well, remember what you did then?  Yes.  I made a rain machine that would move the rain elsewhere whenever I wanted a sunny day for myself.  And what happened?  Hmmm that one didn't go too well did it.  I felt terrible when I had to burn the dead animal carcasses when I flooded their homes or starved them of water.  Yes.  But you discovered you did have the free will to affect the lives of others.  And not only the animals.  Yes."

"Then, just when I was feeling like it was going to be all or nothing he said:  Jack I want you to be involved in the process.  I don't want to do everything myself.  So how about you decide what you want to Co-Create with me?"

"How? I asked." 
"You've already been doing this Jack.  You choose as you go.  And be willing to adjust when you come up against some issues okay.  And I am always here for you to ask me for help.  I have lots of experience and I can make amazing adjustments when needed.  And I have many helpers." 

"Sounds like a plan, I told him.  I can still dream the biggest dreams of my life and make them real.  I can still attract Love into my Life and be with others.  I can still give and receive.  I can have a real Voice in the World.  And when I am tired I can ask for help."

"Everything that happens falls within Cycles Jack.  You already know a lot of this.  Check the cycles to see what I, and others, are doing, then decide how you'd like to proceed within these cycles first if you can.  But if you want to change them, just let me know.  Anything is possible Jack.  Anything is possible. " 

"So now I do this."  

"Astrology is key to getting in sync with these cycles to BE.  Then it is up to me to live as I desire." 

"Project by project.  Day by day.  Year by Year.  Whatever I choose."

Monthly payments of just $15 per month

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