3 Question Astrology Reading

Your Report Includes:

3 Questions you would like answered by way of Astrology.

Some examples could be:

  • What does the chart say about my romantic life?
  • What does the chart say about my work life?
  • What does the chart say about my business idea?
  • What does the chart say about my happiness?

Certain questions pertain to certain Houses, or Areas of your Life. So if you have a question about your relationship then we look to your 7th house primarily, and most likely your 8th. But your chart is wholistic. 

 The current transits will be presenting you with certain ‘events’ so the more information you can offer within your questions for this service the more accurate the responses can be here.

The greatest benefit of this service, I believe, is that you can access different ways of looking at what you are currently dealing with. Knowledge is Power. More Knowledge is more Power. This, I believe, is a fact of Life. 

Each response to your questions will be based on the following procedure. 

An overview of who you are. I will cast your birth chart, progressed chart and transit chart straight off. Then gauge from these the ‘story’ of You, loosely of course. Then place your question within this Tri-wheel to discover which energies are involved. 

 The Moon will be significant, always, because the Moon is the key ‘trigger’ that activates most events. Even though significant transiting planets on other planets are intrinsic to what’s taking place, it is usually through a Moon trigger that events are ‘timed’ or maybe we can say ‘primed’?

You will receive your Astrological reports and a written report based solely on the questions you asked.

Once you have this you may wish to explore more through learning more about Astrology, or purchasing another 3 questions, or perhaps a Full Reading.*089B11A8-7400-49F6-9879-7C3FBE43FCE1*jpeg?alt=media&token=56bb8809-e4e3-4a03-8e55-b935407cd0e5
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