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Think for yourself.

Sounds simple.  What this phrase means to you will be more important now than ever before.   Censorship and the bizaar attacks on education that ensued throughout the Pisces Age are now exposed to be dealt with.  Every Human is born with the ability to Create.  But first we have to let go of the Neptunian deceit and play catch up on developing what each of us is capable of.  No robot will ever be as powerful, as telepathic, as psychic, as self-healing, or as smart and Loving as we Human Beings.  

Find your wisdom.

Finding your wisdom will help you make decisions about your daily life, but also guide you through difficult times. Sometimes we get so busy looking for other people's answers that we stop listening to our own wise voices.

Express YOU to Co-Create.*6603B880-B2EE-4FDE-B82D-8CF7B3AAE9B3*png?alt=media&token=f3e419d2-101e-4af8-9e6f-f3651d80fdc8

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Venus walks into the room.  This is her unquestionable Value.  We all have every planet, sign and house in our chart.  Venus shows us that we walked into our Charts.  This is our unquestionable Value.  Remember? 

Now is not the time to seek out the lowest common denominator of a pseudo collective. It is time to reach deep and pull out the best of each of us - together! 

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What will you find on this website?

Astrology is at least as big a subject as Psychology and Biology.  Like these there is much to gain from knowledge of it.  This starts with your Natal Chart.  Whether you are brand new to Astrology or you've practised for years, you are welcome to enjoy your journey around the services and articles on this site.  

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In 2020 the stellium of planets lined up in Capricorn, and our world has not been the same since. This marked the ending and beginning of many Astrological cycles that stretched thousands of years, 800 years and 20 years. Astrologers had been predicting a big year but for most of us 2020 was little short of catastrophic.

Then, 2021 gave us Uranus square Saturn all year and we are forgiven for perceiving a dichotomy between freedom against order.   2022 brought escalating horrors across the globe, whilst the very long term strategies menacingly taunted to create a global fear not seen in most of our lifetimes.   Yet not many looked at the real causes.  That's what happens when we drift in the endless Pisces waters that bring us Love, and a strong sense of the Divine in our lives, but also the sirens can distract us. 

In 2023 we have had so many revelations.  Pluto's ingress into Aquarius drew a 'power' exclamation for all of us! We may no longer be innocently asleep and we are all now learning how to work with the energies.  The Collective power plays taking place are forcing all of us to take stock and reach in deep. Now is not the time to bow to the lowest common denominator, no matter how aggressive the demands are upon us to do so. 

 Astrology has been helping many more people through these times and it can help you too.  
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Astrology is an Art and a Science

Carl Jung was a famous psychologist.  he was also an Astrologer and a Seer.  Psychology, Astrology and Psychic practices have often been synchronous in the lives of those in the Healing Professions.  If you would like to also journey into these other areas then let us know.*scarab*png?alt=media&token=35f6a51d-62a6-4302-8712-8b950aeb7c86

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