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Birth Chart

Everything comes back to your Birth Chart, and predictive astrology works with how the Progressions and Transits are triggering and moving through your own individual wheel.  This product will not delve into your birth chart as the full reading does, but will highlight those areas in it that provide you with the most focus for the next 12 months.  

Progressed Charts next 12 months

Things might move a lot more slowly with a Progressed Chart, just 1 degree per month for the Moon, which is the fastest.  But when heavenly bodies move by Progression to ignite themes in your chart these can be very powerful.  Progressed charts are essential for any type of predictive astrological work.  

Transit Charts for next 12 months

A lot of movement can happen over the course of 12 months in your life.  Some years more than others!  It is almost impossible to cover every event of course, but once you start to work with the movement of energies from transits across your own individual wheel you will begin to recognize what was previously invisible.  Astrology really starts to come alive for people who seek to experience this for themselves. 

Key Sensitive Points and how to use these

If you look back on your Life you will no doubt remember some days that remain with you forever.  If you check the degrees and aspects of those times certain points in your chart may light up several times.  Usually with astrology we say there must be at least three strong hits to points on the chart to create something that is likely to eventuate in an important theme or event.  It is easy to view these through Mundane Astrology as we note world events, but these are alive and active in our individual charts as well.  

Practical use of Astrology in your Life

Do you remember the first time you jumped into the ocean to swim?  The currents may have felt wonderful, or overpowering, but either way, you felt them.  Astrological currents are a bit like this also.  But often we don't know where they are coming from so we can feel overwhelmed and confused as we struggle to maintain our footing.  For example, on a day when Mars and the Moon are triggering each other you may find yourself getting angry at someone and then feeling bad about it later.  But when you track the astrology you will discover, ahead of time, that some Martian energy is calling you to stand in your courage and boundaries.  This is nothing to apologize for.  But if you know before hand you can work with it to the gifts that it offers, rather than forcing the anger back on yourself and having to deal with it next time you get the opportunity.  There are so many instances where being forewarned can mean the difference between living in the flow and swimming against a current. 

Know how current transits are specifically affecting You

You have probably heard many astrologers decipher what's happening in the world based on the movement of the planets.  And they / we always say, check your own chart for anything at this degree or that degree to see how this aspect will affect you personally.  Well now you will begin to get what this really means in your own chart because this exercise you are embarking upon for the next twelve months will give you what you need to do this effectively for yourself.

Be able to plan around Astrological events before they happen

Our Planetary Placements and Aspects to each other allow us to look into ourselves and to each other.  Looking at those progressions and transits triggering these aspects unfolds a wealth of information around what we might be dealing with, at this time, in our relationship with ourselves and with others.  

Glimpse how You are affecting the World Out There!

All the world is a stage and each of us are players if we believe Shakespeare.  But what does this mean?  Well have you ever watched a play where the actors are allowed to adlib their parts?  There is a basic underlying story and each have been given this.  But after that, they are free willed to do and say as they please.  When one actor does this then the other actors have to include this unexpected event in their responses to their own craft.  Yes we have a lot of scope to change the stories we write together.  You really do affect the world even as the world is affecting you. 

Enjoy More Challenges!

With knowledge comes the courage to get more involved with Life.

Every Cycle has a Stage.

All Astrology is based on cycles.  And cycles have different stages of unfoldment.  Working across 12 months gives us opportunities to get used to some parts of some cycles enough to recognize even longer forward planning if we desire to do so.  

Astrological Prediction

Fate and Free Will come into play now. Astrology ‘fatefully’ predicts the energies that will be present in the different areas of your Life. There is nothing you can do to stop the presence of these energies from entering your Life. However, you can do things like move house to shift those energies into other areas of your life sometimes, or you can expand on your 'knowing' of those energies and enjoy working with them!  Even if you are unaware you are always working with the energies in your Life.  That's Life.  And the rest of us are doing the same.  And we affect you.  And you affect us.   

 Free Will is what to do with these ‘raw energies’, if I can refer to them in this way. And as you become acquainted with the ‘personalities’ of each energy  I’m sure you too will notice the many choices that you have at your disposal, and the accountability and consequences of which ever choices You make! 

No-one else can make these choices for you. Even programmed ‘order followers’ make their free will choice to bow to some one else’s desire nature. Mind control, in my humble opinion, can be overcome. And for those of you who already read my articles you’ll know that there is a solution to every challenge! In my opinion.*089B11A8-7400-49F6-9879-7C3FBE43FCE1*jpeg?alt=media&token=56bb8809-e4e3-4a03-8e55-b935407cd0e5

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